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Many bodybuilding programs are far too focused on targeting small muscle groups or short-term muscle growth and getting that “pump”. The result can be a lower or upper body that is over or under-developed or that is superficially aesthetically pleasing with high symmetry, but which isn’t as strong or optimized for function. Power building programs, on the other hand, combine the best of bodybuilding and powerlifting in one as it can maximize muscle growth as well as improve your overall appearance. It is a holistic method that is perfect for those looking to maximize strength as well as hypertrophy or muscle mass.

By focusing on compound lifting techniques like the squat and bench press, power-building successfully targets every major muscle group. Not only that, but incorporating heavy weights and low reps is an extremely efficient way to train and even lose weight when combined with a calorie deficit.

Once people have passed the excitement of beginner gains, many will begin to lose motivation as it becomes harder and harder to achieve hypertrophy and that highly sought-after pump. By focusing on strength goals, power-building offers a very concrete metric to keep you coming back to the gym.  

Training Routine and Split

Like traditional bodybuilding, most bodybuilding programs involve following a scheduled split that works for the different muscle groups throughout the week. With a foundation that consists of squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, this approach helps to improve overall body composition. 

Rest Periods and Work Capacity

To make the most of muscle growth and improvements in strength, being mindful of rest periods between sets is essential to maximize muscle growth. Rest is a vital part of your training routine. Although compound lifts demand long rest intervals since you are lifting heavier weights, you can make the most of your training time by incorporating accessory exercises that require less rest to promote hypertrophy and increase work capacity overall.

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Accessory Exercises and Isolation Movements

Accessory exercises help to target specific muscle groups, they help increase your overall symmetry, help to strengthen weak joints, maximize balanced development, and enhance optimal body composition. Add these into your routine strategy to address any strength imbalances and enhance overall aesthetic appeal. 

Training Styles and Progression

Regardless of your training style, power builders can combine low-rep heavy compound lifts with high-rep ranges of accessory exercises to continually challenge the body and keep the workout interesting, thanks to the rich variation of training techniques and accessory exercises that allow for continuous progression. 

Rest Days and Recovery

Any professional trainer will tell you that time spent resting is as important as time spent in the gym. Recovery time is when muscles repair and grow, leading to bigger gains and higher PRs. Rest is also essential in terms of avoiding burnout from over-training. How much rest you need will depend on how experienced of a lifter you are and how heavy your training sessions are. Beginners may require more rest than more experienced lifters, to allow their muscles and nervous systems time to adapt to the new routine. 


Is this program suitable for beginners?

Power-building is perfect for beginners. The well-structured split is a perfect blend of strength and bodybuilding which will allow beginners to slowly but surely build a good foundation upon which to build. It is also perfect for more experienced lifters who have been on a hiatus and are looking to kick-start their training. 

Which Power-building split is best for you?

This will depend on your goals. If strength is your main goal, a typical upper and lower body split is a good bet and works for most people. If you are more focused on symmetry and aesthetics, you may want to opt for a push/pull routine with higher rep ranges that are a bit more challenging and focus on smaller muscle groups. 

You’ll also want to think about your schedule and how much time you can devote to training. There isn’t much point in designing a five-day split if you can only make it into the gym three days a week. A realistic approach will be more satisfying as you stick to your routine and reap the rewards of doing so. 

Power Building Luxeit Blog

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How can I make progress once I begin?

Progression is key in any power-building program. It’s all about making those strength gains. A larger muscle is a stronger muscle, so aesthetics-wise you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. To make progress, you simply need to focus on progressive overload. Gradually increase the weights and/or intensity of your lifts. There are many ways to ensure your body is being challenged, from increasing sets to increasing days in the gym. Working with a trainer will help to keep you moving forward. 

Is Power building for You?

Power building is a dynamic, hybrid approach to training that combines the best of all worlds. With heavy compound lifts, accessory exercises, and adequate periods of rest, you can enjoy the many benefits of a well-rounded power-building program that will help you gain muscle, develop strength, and have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Whether you’re a newbie or have years of experience under your lifting belt, a well-designed power-building routine is the perfect blended workout to help you break through plateaus and get into the best shape of your life. A great way of keeping track of your progress is taking progress pictures either for yourself or posting them to social media to keep yourself accountable, and hey, it doesn’t hurt to look cute while you’re at it. We are loving Luxeit’s latest collection of flattering active wear. With figure-hugging leggings that will make that squat PR look easy and stylish sports bras to show off those increasingly toned abs and shrinking waistline, they’ll make you look so good, you’ll want to work out every day and we’re here for it! 

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