Embrace the Power of Early Morning Workouts

Ah the early morning workout, the holy grail for fitness enthusiasts. The first few hours of the day can offer a real kickstart to your day when put to good use even if you're not a morning person. Making the steps to wake up early and being intentional with your time with some early morning exercise from the get-go will set the tone for a successful fitness journey. Many professional trainers will recommend beginning your day with a workout rather than opting for evening workouts to boost your mood and energy levels. 

Morning Workout Routine Luxeladyfit blog

Building Your Morning Workout Routine

Establishing an early workout routine that moves your whole body will ensure a more comprehensive workout. Try to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training to raise your heart rate and get your muscles engaged. If you’re just starting, opt for a 5-minute session, you may find that you enjoy the morning boost and want to keep going for a full thirty minutes. 

The Many Benefits of Exercising Early in the Day

The main benefit of exercising early in the day is the way it leaves a positive impact on your mental well-being. Studies have shown that early morning workouts as part of your morning routine do wonders to improve cognitive function, and mood elevation, and empower decision-making skills. Working out before breakfast (a fasting workout) is also a quickfire way to burn those stubborn fat cells as your body is already in ketosis mode thanks to having fasted all night long. 

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Making Healthier Choices After Working Out

While you may want to workout before eating, do make sure to get hydrated before you begin. Working out first thing will certainly boost your appetite but resist the urge to undo all your good efforts with a high-carb breakfast. Instead try to incorporate a healthy dose of protein and unsaturated fats to help you rebuild your muscles, stabilize your blood sugar, and support brain function. 

Morning Workout Routine Luxeladyfit Blog

Setting a Positive Tone for Your Day

Since you’ve just woken up, make sure to design your morning workout in a way that gently warms your muscles and joints so as not to shock your body and minimize the risk of injury. In the early hours, we are still a little stiff so start with some gentle stretching before you begin will prepare your entire body, including your lower and upper body for the workout to follow.

Tailoring Your Workout to Fit Your Schedule

Creating a morning workout routine that suits your personal preferences is key to success. You are less likely to stick with a routine that is a struggle to maintain. Some days you may have the time and energy for a full hour, while others may only allow for five minutes, whichever the case is, consistency, as always is key to success and sticking with your health goals in the long run.

Look Good, Feel Amazing!

Morning workouts provide more benefits than we can go into in one article, you may find that getting your day started by getting moving is the first step to turning your whole life in a more positive, healthy direction. With increased mental focus and abounding energy levels, you’ll feel like you can take on any challenge. And whether you’re a bonafide early bird or one in the making, it doesn’t hurt to look cute while you’re on your way to greatness. We are loving Luxeit’s latest collection of hip-hugging leggings and cute crop tops that show off your increasingly defined abs as the days go by. We’ve got the trends down the path, all you have to do is pick your favorites, grab your protein shake, and get moving.

February 27, 2024 — Terrie Gal

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