Winter is here, and it's time to break out the scarves and mittens! But don't let the chilly temperatures freeze your fashion game.

Your secret weapon to keeping warm and looking fabulous during the cold months is layering clothes.

Layering allows you to adjust your outfit to the temperature, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Plus, it's like an open fashion buffet, you get to mix and match different pieces to create unique looks.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to layer your clothes this winter so you can stay warm and toasty without sacrificing your style. Let's get layering!

How to Choose Your Base Layer, middle Layer, and Outer Layer

There are no hard rules to follow when it comes to layering your clothes.

But since the winter weather can make us feel like human icicles, here are some general tips to keep in mind for the most practical layering.

*The base layers are the foundation of your winter outfit so it's important to choose the right material.

You want something that will wick away moisture and keep you dry, such as merino wool or synthetic fabrics like polyester.

For these inner layers,  you also want to go for basic colors like black or white not to interfere with the overall style of your outfit.

*Next, the mid-layer is all about insulation.

This is where you'll want to add some bulk to your outfit, so consider a sweater or a fleece jacket.

This layer will trap body heat and keep you warm, but also allows for breathability.

It's the perfect middle ground between the base and outer layer.

*Finally, the shell layer is your shield against the elements.

This layer will protect you from wind, light rain, and snow.

And fashion-wise it'll probably be the statement piece of the outfit.

Look for a jacket or coat that is flattering, waterproof, and windproof to keep you dry, warm, and stylish.

5 Stylish Ways To Layer clothes For the Cold Weather

Utilize Your Dresses

Don't pack away your summer dresses just yet! With a little bit of layering, you can continue to wear them all winter long.

Dress + Turtle Neck + Jacket

One of the simplest ways to layer a summer dress in winter is to add a turtle neck underneath. This will provide added warmth to your chest and neck area.

To take it a step further, add a nice jacket or coat on top to keep warm and add a fashionable twist.

Dress + Wool Sweater

A wool sweater is a great way to layer a midi dress in the winter.

It's warm, fashionable, and perfect for those in-between days where it's not too cold but not warm either.

This layering trick adds a bit of texture to your outfit, making it look more interesting.

Dress + Trench Coat

A long dress and a long trench coat are a match made in heaven.

Not only does the coat add warmth, but it also creates a sleek and sophisticated look making it perfect for a fancy evening out or a day when you want to make a statement.

Elevate Your Off-Duty Look

Off-duty days are all about comfort and style, and nothing says comfort like sporty cotton jerseys and hoodies. But that doesn't cut it when it comes to colder days.

Instead of puffer and casual jackets for the outer shell, elevate the style and feel of your outfit with a structured blazer.

Picture this: a sporty cotton jersey, slouchy jeans, a nice basketball cap, and a structured blazer or coat.

This layering trick will add a touch of sophistication and class to your off-duty look, while still keeping you warm and comfortable.

It's the perfect way to dress up your casual cotton jersey and jeans outfit without sacrificing that off-duty comfort.

Winterize Your Summer Closet

Utilizing different summer pieces will expand your options and allow you to create many stylish outfits.

You'll also be in control of your body temperature as you can ditch a layer or two upon entering a warmer setting.

While they're not usual clothes for winter, your floral summer skirts offer you the perfect chance to break away from the dull color palette winter norm and bring interest to your winter wardrobe.

Style your favorite floral skirt with a fine knit sweater.

Finish your outfit off with a basic wool or trench coat for outer layers and a nice pair of wool socks and ankle boots to keep your feet warm.

Layer knit on Knit

Create some texture interest by mixing different knit-style sweaters in the same outfit.

Start by layering a fine knit sweater over a long-sleeved shirt or thermal top for an insulating layer.

The fine knit will add a touch of elegance to your look and will also provide a nice contrast to the next layers.

Next, add a chunky knit sweater on top for more volume, texture, and warmth.

To make your outfit pop, try playing with different colors or patterns, you can even mix and match different prints and textures.

For a more dramatic look, you can also try layering a chunky knit sweater over a fine knit dress, it will create an interesting contrast and will make your dress look more winter appropriate.

And for an extra layer of warmth and texture interest, don't forget to top it off with your trusty coat.

Double Up Your Outerwear

It may seem a bit crazy to stack jackets on jackets, but that's exactly what we're doing!

Here are three different jacket-on-jacket outfits to inspire your winter wardrobe:

Outfit 1: Cozy and Chic

  • Start with a knit sweater for a cozy base layer
  • Add a puffer vest for extra warmth and a trendy touch
  • Finish off with a puffer jacket for maximum insulation

Outfit 2: Casual and Cool

  • Start with a basic white sweatshirt for a clean, casual look
  • Add a leather jacket for a touch of edge
  • Finish off with an oversized wool coat for a chic, relaxed look

Outfit 3: Dressy and Warm

  • Start with a simple knit sweater and trousers for a dressy look
  • Add a blazer for a touch of sophistication
  • Finish off with a coat for extra warmth and a polished look

A Final Thought

So there you have it, folks! With these tips and tricks, you'll be layering like a pro in no time.

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